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Index Trading

Predicting the performance of the stock market would not be an easy task.Many aspects are decisive in this regard. Any market fluctuation,political scenario,calamity,or policy can change the course of the markets. That is why you need a specialist’s assistance for indices trading.
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Indices trading an introduction

Instead of shares or stocks, the clients would be buying and selling the share market index in this trading method. Speculation based on calculation is the basic step in determining the index to buy or sell.

The average value of a few specific shares determines the overall value of a stock market index. It would go up if the majority of the shares were performing well and go down if not. The index brokers , must be capable enough to identify the possibilities and guide the client accordingly.

We have been the trusted indices brokers for years and would be the right choice for you. Discuss the investment objectives with our expert share market professionals, who have been involved in index trading for years. The team at 7 Capitals would be happy to assist you with each step. Below are the most popular indices you can consider investing in.

  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA): evaluates 30 top blue-chip shares listed in the US stock market.
  • DAX Performance Index: Considers the value of 40 blue-chip stocks listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
  • NASDAQ 100: Based in New York, the US, NASDAQ is based on the value of 100 of the largest financial companies in the US.
  • FTSE 100: This share market index is based on the value of 100 blue-chip companies listed on the London Stock Exchange.
  • S&P 500: 500 large-cap companies in the US are considered for this share market index.

You can commence indices trading with our committed support and guidance. And gain optimal profits. For more discussion and to join us, do connect with us.

Benefits of Trading Indices

Investors can trade in index cash CFDs or index futures CFDs. The index futures CFD has an expiration date or a rollover date. The index cash CFDs do not have such a limitation. Both options have pros and cons, which might not be clear to you initially. Our specialised index brokers would guide you regarding the advantages and disadvantages of either.

The benefits that make index trading a recommended investment option are:

  • Indices trading offers the possibility of reaping financial benefits from both rising and falling indices. An expert index broker can advise you on the way forward in either scenario.
  • Access any of the top indices around the world with a single account. You can trade the indices (Dow Jones, FTSE, DAX, or any other index) from the same account. You do not have to open multiple accounts to trade on different indices.
  • Start the investment with a small amount. Index trading or any other place does not require you to have a large amount with you. Begin simple and earn the best” is the motto here. You just need a proficient indices broker to guide and support you in this endeavor.
  • Index reshuffling, or the replacement of a specific stock that is underperforming with a performing one, is a common thing. This will boost the index, offering better growth.
  • Choosing the best index broker is of paramount importance to avoid erroneous decisions. Only a specialised group in index trading would be able to propose prospective indices. That might earn you significant profits.

Factors Affecting Index Trading

Several elements can affect indices trading  or any other global location. Preparing the purchase and sale after testing the water is suggested. The index brokers  would be monitoring the situations to analyse the exact outcome. To suggest the right way forward to the clients. The index brokers  play a pivotal role in the growth of their clients.

Political Situations:

Political crises, government policies, changes in regime, etc. can affect the share market index. Those involved in index trading must observe the scene in the region and act accordingly.

Global Economic Conditions:

Positive and negative news regarding the financial and global economic conditions can affect the performance of the market. The indices brokers would be viewing everything related to economic conditions that could affect the index. To impart corrective measures instantly.

Commodity Prices:

Commodity prices would vary depending on production, demand, and climatic conditions. The indices, including the value of commodity stocks, would fluctuate according to the price variations of commodities.

Index Reshuffle:

The exclusion or replacement of a specific share with another one is called an index reshuffle. The index would change subsequent to the index reshuffle.

Company News:

Any information regarding a specific company’s performance can impact the market. The index may go up or down accordingly. The index trading  also performs as per that.

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  • We offer index CFDs to ensure great advantage for our clients.
  • Transparent dealings, which have been one of the reasons behind our growth as the best index broker,
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  • 24×7 client support is provided by the team of index brokers.
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